Welcome to my website!

I am Francois van Emmenes - a Killifish hobbyist from Pretoria, South Africa and this is my fish room.  I have been keeping tropical fish for 30 years with the recent emphasis on Killifish.  

Killifish are sometimes referred to as "Miracle Fish" due to their amazing life cycle - they lay their eggs in mud and leaf litter during the rainy season and die when the seasonal pool or river they inhabit dry up. The eggs survive in the dry conditions, sometime for years, and hatch when the next rains come.   The little fish grow fast and reach sexual maturity in a few weeks to enable them to lay enough eggs before the water dries up again!!

There are over 1300 species of Killifish so for the average hobyist it is possible to keep only a few species at any given time.

Killifish can be aggressive towards each other and are normally kept in pairs or trios - one male to one or more females.  They can be very good community fish if the aquarist chooses wisely - normally it is the poor Killifish that gets the attention of their tank mates due to their striking colours!

In the home aquarium most species are undemanding and do not require any special equipment, water or filtration.  For most species a small 10 -20 liter tank with a sponge filter and heater will do.

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